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The KX-T Digest is a mailing list whose subscribers discuss all aspects of Panasonic's KX-T series telephone systems (PBXs). These are manufactured by Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co.. We do not concern ourselves with the DBS VA- and VB- (Matsushita Tsuushin) products.

Typical current products discussed here are the KX-TA824, KX-TD308, and KX-TAW848. We also delve in to the recent and dark past and talk about the KX-TD816, KX-TD1232, KX-T336, KX-TD500 (is this one still current?), KX-T1232, KX-T1232D, KX-T308, KX-T616, and KX-T61610, among many others.

You'll also find our mailing list members asking and answering questions about all types of Panasonic feature phones (only the ones designed for these systems, please), and Panasonic Voicemail units.

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    Note: The KX-T Digest is not affiliated with Matsushita Electric in any way. Product names discussed in the KX-T Digest are those held by Matsushita Electric Industrial Company, Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

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