KX-T: Well, it's NOT the 7873

Ross Lindahl phonedr at adelphia.net
Fri Feb 13 08:17:27 PST 2004

    Once upon a time I used an existing station cable as a pull for 
another cable. I did not bother to pull the station off of it. I had the 
pairs stripped back to the copper and twisted together. While I was 
pulling the cable several other people complained that there phones were 
not working. I started yanking stuff apart to find out why all of a 
sudden these phones did not work. It turned out that when I pulled the 
station port off of the cable that I was working on all the other phones 
started working again. I would have never thunk  that one station cable 
could cause all those other stations not to work. I stashed that back in 
the old memory banks until this morning when I saw your message.

David Lesher wrote:

>So I swapped out the ""7836"" set with a 7433 and all was
>OK until about 6 pm. Then it did the same thing the other set did
>at about the same time last night. Off, back on, off back on etc.
>I was about to start looking at the mounting cable when another
>user stuck his head in and said "The funniest thing happened
>yesterday and again today..."
>Both sets are on the sole KXTD-170 module. I powered down the
>system and reseated the ribbon cable from the 170.
>Would a intermittent short on one station's wiring bring down
>the others on the same card?

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