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Bob Puff at NLE bob at nleaudio.com
Tue Feb 17 17:26:07 PST 2004

What would even be nicer is if such a program ran under linux.  You could use
old "free" 486/P1 machines, and even have a web interface.


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> Such a program would be great if it was real cheap. There are established
> programs that do it already. The least expensive probably being 
> PanaLog, runs about $400-$500. There are many other "call 
> accounting" programs out there too. They usually cost much more 
> ($1000 to $4000) partly  because they also figure costs for each 
> call and can do re-billing such as for company departments, etc. A 
> lot of people would like simple call logging/ sorting/ searching/ 
> charts, etc but don't want to spend too much.
> Charles
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> I have been thinking about my own company's needs as far as keeping
> track of SMDR data.  I'm a programmer by trade, and I ended up 
> tossing around some ideas and came up with the following:
> Computer runs a service which monitors for SMDR data (and will
> automagically give up the COM port should programator get spawned
> [details need to be worked out])
> Computer will parse the SMDR data, and put the data into a nice
> database.
> There will be another application/front end to work with the 
> database to allow for searching of data, make graphs, charts, etc..
> Is this something that anyone would be interested in?  I figure w/ 
> the information in a database, it would be easy to search through 
> and be less cumbersome than text files or *gasp* hardcopy printouts.
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