KX-T: Re: SMDR Poll

Keith Morse kgmorse at mpcu.com
Wed Feb 18 00:08:42 PST 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Bob Puff at NLE wrote:

> What would even be nicer is if such a program ran under linux.  You could use
> old "free" 486/P1 machines, and even have a web interface.

Bits of this discussion have been hashed before on this list.  My own 
small contribution would be to promote ttywatch.  It monitors the com port 
and sends it to a logfile that can then be massaged as necessary.  In 
addition it provides telnet access to that port permitting you to control 
the interface as though you were in a terminal emulator.   I monitor both 
a KX-T123211D and a TVS-50.

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