KX-T: TD500 and VoIP

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Yes MultiTech has some VOIP boxes that work real well. You will need to use
analog extensions to CO ports.

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We have a TD500 and we are expanding to the point that we have "remote"
employees.  Is there a way to connect a box to an extension port on the
TD500, connect the other side of the box to our Internet and then connect a
box at the remote end on the Internet and then that box to the remote user's
phone.  Hopefully this setup would get the user as an extension "on our
TD500 system" even though they are remote.

Obviously the absolute best solution would be that I buy a 4-8 port box
here, connect all the ports to our TD500 and our Internet.  Then as remote
users are hired I send them a KX-T7xxx phone and a 1-port box that connects
to their phone and their Internet connection.  Then they get full digital
connectivity to our phone system/Voicemail, etc.  Too much to ask for, eh?
This would an intermediate step to throwing everything out and getting a
full VoIP solution for the entire office.

Certainly, a fall-back solution would be an analog phone at the remote end.
I apologize if this has been discussed recently and I missed it.  Any
solutions or suggestions are welcome.  TIA

Mike Frederick
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