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To check ROM version is program 116 in installer programming.

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Hello All,
I have a new customer that has an existing Panasonic KX-TD1232.  I am
not sure what the dash number is.  Is there a way to tell this from the
chip's inside the system?  Two were labeled "P101E 61003 IC20" and
"P102E 61003 IC21".
Ultimately the reason I need to know this is the customer told me that
they only dial two digit speed dial numbers.  I was not certified until
after the -4 release.  Do the older dash version have only 100 speed
dials in them (00-99) and if so, do they offer speed dial names as well?
They would also like to replace their 7200-series phones with 7453's.
Is this possible or will they need an upgrade?
Thanks for your help,
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