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Wed Feb 18 20:51:49 PST 2004

Hi Mike;

you can hook up the Multi-tech unit to either a spare co port or analog extension port. On a two port unit in the main office, hook up 1 line to a spare co port so users press the co line and dial an "extension" of the appropriate remote site.  The remote site  call into the main office, which come sin on a spare analog port, and has station features IE: paging, dial 9 for outside line aceess (if allowed) etc.  Maybe put small Panasonics in the remote offices and the VOIP box on analog ports there too.

There was a company that made digital extension extenders, Cisco bought the company and immediately ceased making the box..how conveinent.  NEC
has a box that allows you to put actual NEC extensions (phones) in remote offices and have all system features.

Hope that helps.


Mike Frederick <Mike at NuView.com> wrote:

>We have a TD500 and we are expanding to the point that we have "remote"
>employees.  Is there a way to connect a box to an extension port on the
>TD500, connect the other side of the box to our Internet and then connect a
>box at the remote end on the Internet and then that box to the remote user's
>phone.  Hopefully this setup would get the user as an extension "on our
>TD500 system" even though they are remote.
>Obviously the absolute best solution would be that I buy a 4-8 port box
>here, connect all the ports to our TD500 and our Internet.  Then as remote
>users are hired I send them a KX-T7xxx phone and a 1-port box that connects
>to their phone and their Internet connection.  Then they get full digital
>connectivity to our phone system/Voicemail, etc.  Too much to ask for, eh?
>This would an intermediate step to throwing everything out and getting a
>full VoIP solution for the entire office.
>Certainly, a fall-back solution would be an analog phone at the remote end.
>I apologize if this has been discussed recently and I missed it.  Any
>solutions or suggestions are welcome.  TIA
>Mike Frederick
>mike at Nuview.com <mailto:mike at Nuview.com> 
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