KX-T: Which systems are Panasonics traded in for?

Carl Navarro cnavarro at wcnet.org
Sun Feb 22 19:51:54 PST 2004

At 08:05 PM 2/22/2004 -0700, Jim McAtee wrote:
>Seeing discussions of other phone systems and knowing how many system
>installers are on the list has piqued my curiosity a bit.
>I'm more or less an end user, although I've installed, moved, expanded and
>reinstalled our Panasonic phone system (with the help of the list and the
>support of several members).  So I'm asking from the context of a user that
>only has knowledge of the Panasonic system.
>What would you consider the next step up from the Panasonic digital systems?
>Say for a small company that had outgrown the Panasonic, but speaking in
>terms of features rather than size.  Not necessarily just the next up the
>line in overall cost, although I'm interested in hearing the relative costs
>of the systems you mention.

This must be a company that has a 65th phone or something else.  I've been
working with someone that has done just that.
He's outgrown the dual cabinet TD system and it's also having an SMDR
reporting problem.  The TD-500 or TDA is probably in his future, but if
that doesn't work, then it's time to rethink the entire project.
Fortunately, it's not my sale or 

Back about 5 years before the TD was available, I sold a 336 to a school
system so they could reuse their Panasonic 70xx phones.  Big mistake
because it wasn't an apples to apples upgrade.  

In round numbers, a full dual cabinet TD system runs about $6K retail for a
16x64 box.  The TDA hardware is probably about $10K retail for the same
configuration with large power supply and you reuse your phones (I haven't
been to TDA school yet).  

Any name brand systems, Avaya,
Nortel/Meridian/Samsung/Panasonic/Comdial/Mitel has a larger system.  You
have to pick your features and decide how much of your present system you
want to retain.  After that, it's just a matter of comparing 
price to performance.

Carl Navarro

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