KX-T: Which systems are Panasonics traded in for?

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Sun Feb 22 20:26:23 PST 2004

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> In round numbers, a full dual cabinet TD system runs about $6K retail for
> 16x64 box.  The TDA hardware is probably about $10K retail for the same
> configuration with large power supply and you reuse your phones (I haven't
> been to TDA school yet).

My experience now is that once you get up beyond just a few phones and co
lines, the TDA system almost matches the TD (usually no more than $1K to $2K
difference) sometimes the TDA can come out cheaper than the TD (for example,
if you need more than 12 co's you don't have to go to a dual cabinet).

The flexibility of configuring the TDA is one thing that makes it shine in
keeping cost down.

For end user though, panasonic manuals stink.  I think Avaya Partner has the
easiest to understand manuals- but you can't beat the TDA on expandabililty.

Jim, when you say you are outgroing the TD1232,  are you still at a single
cabinet?  Since you are familiar with it, you can still go double on that,
and keep everyone happy with the ext numbers, mailboxes, etc.
I think you have a -4 ksu, I would definately upgrade that to a -6/7 with a
new motherboard, match it with a new -7 cabinet, and you can be up and
running in a couple of hours.  (Don't forget, the new cabinet comes with a
caller id card, so you can put that to use too.) You can upload the -4
settings into the -7.


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