KX-T: Which systems are Panasonics traded in for?

Jim McAtee jmcatee at mediaodyssey.com
Mon Feb 23 09:13:05 PST 2004

Thanks guys.  We haven't outgrown the KX-TD.  I really was just curious.
Like I say, I only know about the Panasonic system, although I'm aware of
many others.  I was just wondering where some of the others fit into the
small business marketplace.  From what I've read and heard on this list and
other places, I've no doubt the Panasonic systems are an incredible value, so
maybe this isn't the best forum to ask.

Maybe the question might have been better asked:  If a small company (say
under 30 people and 8 lines) were starting up, what other phone systems
_might_ you recommend beside the Panasonic?

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> Jim, when you say you are outgroing the TD1232,  are you still at a single
> cabinet?  Since you are familiar with it, you can still go double on that,
> and keep everyone happy with the ext numbers, mailboxes, etc.
> I think you have a -4 ksu, I would definately upgrade that to a -6/7 with a
> new motherboard, match it with a new -7 cabinet, and you can be up and
> running in a couple of hours.  (Don't forget, the new cabinet comes with a
> caller id card, so you can put that to use too.) You can upload the -4
> settings into the -7.

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