KX-T: Re: Caller ID on TA624

CP cp at telephonesecurity.com
Tue Feb 24 08:48:28 PST 2004

You may need to turn on "call waiting" at the extension (I'm not sure of the
code 7311 in the digital system).  As long as the second line is programmed
to ring at that phone then the cid should show up.


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> Hey everyone,
> Just installed a brand new TA624 newest release in a clients office. Was
> wondering about the caller id (card came with the system)
> I know if you have call waiting from the co, that the information will
> on the phone when the call comes in. But this particular client has
> hunting lines, and would like to be able to see who is calling on the
> line while they are talking on the first.
> I.E. secratary is on the phone on line 1, and wants to see who is calling
> line 2 starts to ring.
> Anyone know if this is possible?
> Thanks!
> Daryl Wolff
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