KX-T: Call In to hear audio program

John Challenor johnc at phonedoctor.com
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> Hi,
> I am working with a church to provide call-in audio from the 
> sanctuary for a couple of shut-ins who can't make it to 
> services.  The idea is people would call into the 
> auto-attendant (TVS-100 hooked to a KX-TD1232) and dial an 
> extension to hear the service.  I can connect the audio into 
> the music on hold, but don't know of a way to have people 
> request music on hold from the auto-attendant (unlike most 
> callers in this application they would like to be put on hold 
> for an hour or so with no ringing or interruptions).  Another 
> idea would some sort of adjunct hooked to a couple of analog 
> extensions, but I am not sure what sort of product would work 
> (voice modem and PC software of some sort)?  The goal is to 
> provide 2-3 lines of this service.
> Anyone know of a good solution for this?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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