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Charles Patterson charles at pattcom.com
Sat Jul 1 10:01:28 PDT 2006

Hi Jeff,

I've contemplated and work a few related ideas.
We put audio on the system for in-house extensions to be able to
monitor services.
Connecting from the outside first appeared troublesome because of the
limitation of the number of lines.

Now there are free conference call services that can help with that.
If you interface the audio to one slt extension, that extension can be
used to call into the conference circuit, then callers just need to
know how to access the conference line.

www.freeconferencecall.com is one I have used  before. Be sure to
learn how to use the moderator features. Calls can be set up as a
"broadcast" so that callers do not interupt the audio.

we used a simple Symetrix audio interface (that has been since
discontinued) but you can use a variety of types, many available on
ebay for cheap. I liked the Symetrix unit as it has simple front
controls- power, audio level, and one button to switch the call from
your slt, to the audio input.

There are devices that allow callers to call in and be connected as
well. I will have to check names/numbers later. One location we got a
rackmount unit that allowed multiple lines to connect, again this was
more for internal calls than outside. One issue was that calls were
not disconnecting properly if the caller hung up (the internal calls
did not provide the cpc signal).

Again, the big issue with this is how many callers can be supported.
If only four people call in, you are investing in 4 co lines to be
used. Now either they will tie up the existing lines during the
service, or you would have to pay for more co lines that will only be
used once or twice a week.

Internet web-cast is another option, but many times the elderly would
not be able to access this easily.


On 7/1/06, Jeff Hollingsworth <hollings at cs.umd.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working with a church to provide call-in audio from
> the sanctuary for a couple of shut-ins who can't make it to
> services.  The idea is people would call into the auto-attendant
> (TVS-100 hooked to a KX-TD1232) and dial an extension to hear
> the service.  I can connect the audio into the music on hold,
> but don't know of a way to have people request music on hold
> from the auto-attendant (unlike most callers in this application
> they would like to be put on hold for an hour or so with no
> ringing or interruptions).  Another idea would some sort of
> adjunct hooked to a couple of analog extensions, but I am not
> sure what sort of product would work (voice modem and PC software
> of some sort)?  The goal is to provide 2-3 lines of this service.
> Anyone know of a good solution for this?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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