KX-T: Call In to hear audio program

Bob Puff bob at nleaudio.com
Sun Jul 2 16:17:51 PDT 2006

Hi Jeff,

I typically do this with streaming audio via internet.  A decent quality feed
that will work over dialup connections is not too difficult.  Contact me
off-list for more details (as I have multiple servers that handle this kind of

The way I would do it in telephone land would be to rig up a circuit that
would connect an isolation transformer to the line with the contacts of a
slow-to-release relay.  The coil of this relay would get fed by two things: a
ring detector relay, and a current sense relay.  So as long as you have
current flowing, it holds the circuit up.   This of course depends on the PBX
dropping the battery momentarily when the call ends.  If you can provide for a
battery reversal for answer supervision, you can insert a diode in there to
help with that.

Not sure if the KX-TD will do that though... I did accomplish the above with a
VOIP box (Sipura SPA2000) that fed INTO a KX-TD.


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> Hi,
> I am working with a church to provide call-in audio from
> the sanctuary for a couple of shut-ins who can't make it to
> services.  The idea is people would call into the auto-attendant
> (TVS-100 hooked to a KX-TD1232) and dial an extension to hear
> the service.  I can connect the audio into the music on hold,
> but don't know of a way to have people request music on hold
> from the auto-attendant (unlike most callers in this application
> they would like to be put on hold for an hour or so with no
> ringing or interruptions).  Another idea would some sort of
> adjunct hooked to a couple of analog extensions, but I am not
> sure what sort of product would work (voice modem and PC software
> of some sort)?  The goal is to provide 2-3 lines of this service.
> Anyone know of a good solution for this?
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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