KX-T: KX-TVP100G System Prompts (systemansagen)

kxthelp@kfm.si kxthelp at kfm.si
Tue Jul 4 03:32:20 PDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I have the PANASONIC TVP100G and have loaded english system prompts,
originaly they have been German.

They are obviously for the wrong version as what I get now
are not the correct prompts on calling the voice mail system.

My TVP100 version is:

Hard disk: VA4290 (2.90)
EPROM:  VA410 (1.14)

If anyone here could help me with the correct german system prompts
(sytemansagen) file for my version of the TVP100g (approx 15Mb) I
would really be very gratefull!

If you have TVP100g, you could save this file from it using the SAVE
comand... which I didn't do... and send it to me.

Thank you!
Jaroslav Ferlez
kxjaro at kfm.si

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