KX-T: Panasonic TVS320 Voicemail Hard Drive Question

Dave Farris dfarris at carolstreamfire.org
Wed Jul 5 13:56:28 PDT 2006

We have a TVS320 voicemail system that is approaching four years old
now. I am getting concerned about the hard drive reliability and would
like to have an on-hand spare to swap out when needed. The current hard
drive is listed below:

IBM Deskstar
Model # IC35L020AVER07-0
20 GB / 7200 RPM
IBM Part Number 07N6652

I have seen previous posts here before, indicating that it is possible
to replace the drive but it may be dependent on firmware levels, etc. My
questions are:

1) Can I replace the 20 gig hard drive with anything else (as long as
it is IDE / ATA compatable, 7200 rpm)?
2) Can someone e-mail me the procedure for mirroring or making a
functional copy of the current drive to be used on a new drive?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Dave Farris
dfarris at carolstreamfire.org

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