KX-T: Can't get rid of TDA100 ICD Grp ring delay

dritchie dritchie at dr.com
Mon Apr 23 08:42:58 PDT 2007

There is some old expression about "having your cake and eating it too"

While I have always thought this to be a dumb expression, it does fit 
this situation.

Because the CID is sent BETWEEN the first and second ring, if you want CID
you MUST let it ring one time.
IF there is a way to stop the customer from "seeing"  the first ring, 
maybe Carl
has some idea

Don Ritchie, Century Communication  Euclid  Ohio

Charlie Brown wrote:
> I am programming my first TDA100 after attending the Panasonic class and am having a problem with the ICD group setup.  As Nicole explained, the ICD group is the method used to accomplish the DIL 1:N function.  And if you don't set it up, you won't be able to get incoming ringing CO lines to ring on any extensions.
> I put extensions 101 thru 104 in ICD group 601 and set it to immediate ring, and put G-DN for 601 on CO7.  When an incoming call arrives, the CO light will immediately go solid red for one ring and then the G-DN button starts flashing green and the extensions ring.  But the one ring delay prevents hearing it ring and answering right away.
> What do I change to eliminate the one ring before the extensions start ringing?
> I remember in class something about disabling the CID, but didn't write down why, or the pros and cons of doing that.  I want to use CID, but I don't want the one ring delay.
> Are there any other options to eliminate the one ring delay?
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